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Marvel Comics Archive

Comic Book Cards
Set Brand Year Cards

Marvel Universe Series I Impel 1990167
Marvel Universe Series II Impel 1991167
Marvel Masterpieces Series I SkyBox 1992110
Marvel Universe Series III Impel 1992206
Marvel Masterpieces Series II SkyBox 199398
Marvel Universe Series IV SkyBox 1993190
Flair Presents The Marvel Universe Fleer 1994167
Marvel Masterpieces Series III Fleer 1994159
Marvel Universe Series V Fleer 1994239
Flair Marvel Annual Fleer 1995194
Marvel Masterpieces Series IV Fleer 1995159
Marvel Metal Fleer 1995151

Film Cards
Set Brand Year Cards

Spider-Man 3 Rittenhouse 20075
Incredible Hulk Rittenhouse 200813
Iron Man Rittenhouse 2008115
Iron Man 2 Upper Deck 20104
Captain America: The First Avenger Upper Deck 2011124
Thor Upper Deck 201113
Iron Man 3 Upper Deck 20133
Spider-Man: Homecoming Upper Deck 20176

Digital Cards
Set Brand Year Cards

Topps Collect Topps 2019132
Topps Collect: Starter Set Topps 201943